And sometimes they met somewhere in between and lost themselves in each other for a couple of days, making the most of every second, because seconds became minutes and minutes became precious when life could be taken in less than a breath.

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These two kids are going to menaces/angels to their friends when they grow up.  

They’re going to be the kids who have the “cool” parents and “cool” big brother.  They’re the kids with the mom and dad who are everyone’s mom and dad.  Their parents aren’t Mr & Mrs Tachibana to their friends, they’re Mom and Dad.  They’re the kids who have friends who come over and their parents are just like… which one do you belong to? and accept the other kids that easily.  Oh you’re Ran’s classmate? Come in and make yourself at home.  Oh Ren’s not here right now but come on in and have a snack.  They’re the kids who know that their parents have so much love in them they can loan them out when needed.  Someone’s parents can’t make it to a recital or concert?  Ren and Ran can loan theirs out for the night so to speak.  Their parents are just as proud of their friends as they are of Ren and Ran and Mako.

They’re the ones unafraid to show affection.  They’re the ones ready to tell their friends they love them no matter the company or the place.  They’re affectionate and love hugs and grabbing onto their friends’ arms to drag them places.  They link arms with their friends, regardless of gender or established “norms” or the like, and walk through the halls holding on to their friends’ bags with one finger hooked through a strap or holding onto their shirt sleeve with a couple fingers tucked into the underside.  They hang over friends’ shoulders and sit too close on the couch but it’s not uncomfortable for their friends it’s actually reassuring.

They are never afraid to say I love you when they leave their parents’ or brother’s sides.  They are never afraid to give hugs to friends and family alike.  They know they are loved and want everyone else to feel the same because they’ve been surrounded by this feeling their whole lives and it’s hard for them to imagine that there are families out there who aren’t like that but they also understand that not every family is like theirs.  Which is why theirs seems to grow everywhere they go.  They gain new siblings when Makoto goes to school.  They gain new siblings when they each start joining their own clubs.  They make families wherever they go and they’re the kind of kids who have parents who are so proud of them because they do that.  They bring in the strays of their world, the broken and lost and lonely, and make them family.

Because they know the meaning of love and how it feels to be loved and they know that there’s more than enough to go around.

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However many followers you have is how many kids you have with your icon.

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Teenage Dream [Piano Version]
Darren Criss
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fuckin aRE YOU SERIOUS this song comes on shuffle on my itunes and u expect me to NOT have intense jeanmarco feels??? huffs i’m an emotional wreck don’t touch me

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Oikawa Tooru (Namikawa Daisuke)
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I love how his voice changes from a kind tone into a demon-like one.

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I had a bit of fun with this, inspired by [x]’s moodboard template \ mako [&] haru version

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Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever.

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31/aug - happy birthday aomine!
generation of miracles / ace of touou academy
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Art by 烏丸

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How to flirt by Momotarou Mikoshiba


  • Tell her shes cute
  • Tell her your hobbies
  • Tell her your personal philosophy
  • Tell her what you wash first in the shower 
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