And sometimes they met somewhere in between and lost themselves in each other for a couple of days, making the most of every second, because seconds became minutes and minutes became precious when life could be taken in less than a breath.

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Transparent Master & Butler for your blog!

Edited by me | GFantasy Cover

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Just remember: These are the faces Rin makes in bed (◕‿-)
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SouMako Week Day 6: Touch/Sight

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how long has it been since i last drew for this AU i love this AU i should draw more of this AU

somewhat(?) based on a scene in Syreni by Shimegami which is based on Niuniente’s Marine Bio AU uwu

The reason that Nagisa and Rei’s subject, Haru, swims out for a period of time even tho he stays in his territory for the rest of the year is to only see his beloved blacktail with the green eyes and soft brown hair uwu

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heavily inspired by niuniente's marine biology au and shimegami's fanfiction syreni thank to both of you for being so awesome ;3;

yeah it was only a matter of time _(:3 7)_ end me now

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AU where Nagisa and Rei are marine biology researchers specialized in mermen. They have followed a merman they named Haru for a some time, when an unidentified new merman appears. They later named him Makoto.

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Free! future fish + chibi ♥

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character: says "I like bread" that one time
fandom: character has an obsession with bread. bread is character's true love. draws character as bread. every meta joke in fanfic is about bread. the character's room is wallpapered with bread
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Get to know me » [3/5] Male character
↳ Matsuoka Rin - Free! Eternal summer
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