And sometimes they met somewhere in between and lost themselves in each other for a couple of days, making the most of every second, because seconds became minutes and minutes became precious when life could be taken in less than a breath.

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do you have more of those tsukiyama eyebrow gifs
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Free! Eternal Summer Outfits → Tachibana Makoto

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Kaneki was in Starbucks, drinking coffee and reading a book. Very incognito, he was.

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More deets about Episode 14

Interviewer: [Regarding episode 14, to be released with DVD 7 in March 2015] Can you give us a hint about what we can expect from that episode?
Hatta: The main 8 will form a single team! […] The Samezuka and Iwatobi teams will be shuffled. It’s usually Iwatobi vs. Samezuka, right? But wouldn’t you like to see something different, seeing interactions between characters you’ve never seen before? Like Makoto and Momotarou, for example.
Yokotani: But it won’t be a swimming match! (haha)
Hatta: Right! (haha) Everyone will deepen their relationships through this episode, so please look forward to seeing just what sorts of conversations these characters will have with each other!

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Got inspired by that post that said ‘draw your fav snk char in your clothes’. Have a Levi in a nerd MGS shirt and sweatpants. He was probably playing pokemon before he had to pose.

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Final commission finished! A Dakimura commission of Asahi from the Volleyball animu. I don’t watch it but he has such a cute face. Original printable sized picture without watermark has been e-mailed to the commissioner, thankyou! <3

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Others’ internet connection be like


My internet connection be like


Your computer has successfully connected to your slow af internet, good luck

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rin is so pretty sigh
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