And sometimes they met somewhere in between and lost themselves in each other for a couple of days, making the most of every second, because seconds became minutes and minutes became precious when life could be taken in less than a breath.

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outside you there’s no place to go

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Things i know about free!: nothing
things i like about free!: Makoto 

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Touka: Why are you still alive? 
Tsukiyama: "Eat Yourself." I followed the advice you gave me....And in an unexpected surprise, I taste pretty good.
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Kuroshitsuji / Those Damn Eyes / Sebastian Michaelis

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Make me choose  Uta or Suzuya
By: ayyatos
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make me choose → anonymous asked kakashi or minato

"Obito, did you see that? I’ll never forget you or Rin. But I think I’m going to move forward with some new comrades. Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura. I’m going to believe in you. And Obito, Rin, I’ll make a promise. I’ll believe in my comrades and I’ll never let them die!"

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Happy 39th birthday, Sakurai Takahiro ♡
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